Wafer Processing

James River Semiconductor, a full capability wafer polishing, reclaim, and thin film service provider founded in 2005, offers both standard spec wafers and custom flatness specification for MEMs, Semiconductor and R&D. James River Semiconductor offers silicon wafer sales of all specs, prime and test grade wafers, SOI wafers, thick wafers, and thin wafers. An extensive inventory combined with in house processing capabilities allows us to provide competitive pricing and lead time with engineering support to provide an optimal wafer solution for both manufacturers and R&D customers.

Thin Films:

Oxide, Nitride, Sputtering, and Evaporation

Metal Deposition : Sputtering and Evaporation (Diameter up to 12 inches)

Al, Au, AlO3, Ag, C, CO, CoNi, CoSi, Cr, CrO2, TiO3, CrSi, Cu, CuNi, Mo, Ge, Ni, NiCr, NiCrSi, NiFe, NiV, Pd, Pt, Quartz, Glass, Si, SiC, SiO2, Si3N4, SS, Ta, NaN, TaO, TaAl, Ti, TiN, TiNi, TiO2, TiSi, V, W, WSi, WTi, ZR

Thermal Oxidation Wet / Dry +/- 5%

  • Backside Oxidation Removal
  • Nano Polishing

Silicon Nitride

  • Stoiciometric LPCVD Nitride
  • Low Stress LPCVD Nitride
  • Super Low Stress LPCVD Nitride
  • Standard PECVD Nitride
  • Low Stress PECVD Nitride

Purchase Wafers

James River Semiconductor stocks a variety of Prime and Test wafers. Please check our list of Online Silicon Wafers. Or Please fill out an RFQ for any other spec.


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